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Atlas Filtri, improving water

For more than 40 years, Atlas Filtri has been a leader in the water filtration and treatment industry. Our Italian-engineered design has launched us to the international forefront of both drinking water and industrial filtration, and the product range is constantly updated to offer new and customized solutions. In 2016 we invested in North America, entering a Joint Venture with Gary Fappiano and his distribution and sales representative company. The 24,000 square foot facility in Wallingford, Connecticut is our North American headquarters. This facility is fully staffed with local, industry-experienced personnel to expand our distribution and OEM business. Our assembly line, stocking center, and customer support operations have grown to meet our rapidly expanding market presence. Atlas Filtri continues to invest globally so that we may better understand and meet the requirements of worldwide markets. Our home office, based in Padua, Italy, manages the production and distribution of products to more than 90 countries. 

Atlas Filtri


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