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About Us

Tim Morales & Associates, Inc. is an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative focused on the wholesale plumbing, industrial, utility and HVAC distribution sectors. “TMI” provides the highest level of sales and marketing professionalism to exclusive manufacturers within these channels.  Our agency’s salesforce covers the states of Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.

TMI is a multifaceted sales and marketing firm equipped with a best-in-class customer service team, dedicated business development unit and a salesforce focused on demand side marketing activities. Each of these departments enjoy close relationships within the wholesale, contracting and specifying communities. From sales teams to maintenance staff, to specifying engineers our people are engaged.

Our agency operates in a fully automated fashion utilizing real time data analytic feeds for project identification and tracking, customer relationship management, accounting, and inventory management.

With an eye to the future, multiple team members have earned MRERF’s CPMR Certification.  The Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative program is a three-year curriculum designed for the benefit of future owners and senior managers.   

Our staff is actively involved in various industry organizations including but not limited to the Association of Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives (AIM/R), Southern Wholesalers Association (SWA), American Supply Association (ASA), American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID); as well as various organizations related to code enforcement, rural water and home building.
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Humble Beginnings

The Morales family

Our History

After serving in the European Theatre during WW II, Joe Morales married a lovely woman from Long Island, NY by the name of Grace Winslow.  A mechanical pipe fitter by trade, Joe and Grace moved from their home in New York to Dayton, Ohio where Joe completed his college degree.

Convinced that Nashville, Tennessee was the place to be, they moved South to start a mechanical contracting business.  A few years into this venture and finding a market constantly short on supplies, Joe & Grace opened a small plumbing supply business. 

Our Team

In 1957, Joe was persuaded to start a manufacturer’s rep firm.  He sold his interest on the wholesale side and formed the J.H. Morales Sales Corporation.  Ten children and six decades later you find Tim Morales & Associates, Inc. and a family that has been blessed by our industry.

Founded on this rich heritage, TMI strives daily to meet Joe and Grace’s high standards and expectations.  How can we serve you?

Morales Family historical images, black and white

Our Facilities

Tim Morales Inc Warehouse in the Gulf Coast

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast’s I-10 corridor, Tim Morales & Associates operates a warehouse and customer service support center in Mobile, AL.

This facility offers convenient will call range from Pensacola, Florida to Gulfport, Mississippi.  All other markets served can be reached via UPS ground overnight.

Special Will Call Accomodations are made upon request

TMI does not sell direct to the public. All sales of our products go through your favorite wholesale supply house.


Focused on the wholesale plumbing , industrial, and HVAC distribution channels in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tenessee & West Florida.

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